Project ID



Prof. Kostas Kalabokidis Univ. of the Aegean, Dept. of Geography, Greece


Research Staff

Dr. Christos Vasilakos; Dr. Nikos Athanasis; Palaiologos Palaiologou; John Dimou; and Gabriel Hiotellis Univ. of the Aegean, Dept. of Geography, Greece

Prof. George Kallos; Dr. Christina Mitsakou; Christos Spyrou; and Stavros Solomos Univ. of Athens, Dept. of Physics, Greece


Goals AND Objectives

new Web GIS application of Microsoft BingTM Maps aimed to assist on early fire warning, fire control, and GPS navigation and coordination of firefighting forces




Funding OrganizationS

Microsoft Research Cambridge & Redmond Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA

Microsoft Hellas Microsoft Innovation Center, Athens, Greece


Project Status

This has been a 2 year study taking place from 2009 to 2010


2010 University of the Aegean