Key Results

1. Ability to select among the Bing Maps database and several other layers (high resolution satellite images, ortho-photos, thematic maps, topographic maps)

2. GeoRSS live data streams for new fire events, with ability to add new events

3. Ability to monitor and survey several weather forecasting maps (temperature, relative humidity, cloud cover, rain and wind), with a prediction range of 3 days and update once every day (09:00 am local time)

4. Access to data of 5 Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS) with real-time diagrams and weather monitor graphics

5. Ability to access several different fire/ disaster management data (road network, water tanks, evacuations areas, etc.), and switch among them at will

6. Daily fire risk maps that portray the potential of fire occurrence, based on a high performance computing (HPC) pilot application running on Microsoft Windows HPC server and 3 quad-core servers donated by Hewlett Packard

7. On-demand fire behavior modeling

8. A rich toolbox with mapping and other tools that enhance interoperability (shortest routes, closest water tanks, service areas, measurement and digitizing tools, e-mails, fleet tracking, web-cameras, etc.)

9. Daily updated world satellite imagery courtesy of NASA/GSFC/JPL-Caltech, OnEarth, MODIS Terra (WMS map); and other live feeds of worldwide disasters

10. GPS navigation and data collection utility with Windows Mobile Operating System and ArcGIS


2010 University of the Aegean